The benefits

Personalized accompaniment

Because your projects become ours, we remain at your side until they become reality.

Professional photos

Your property deserves to be presented in its best light, which is why we work exclusively with a professional photographer.


Based on objective data and the expertise of our consultants, we are able to provide you with the most reliable estimate.

Branding of buildings

We opt for attractive and striking visibility options: from flyers to billboards to promotional stickers... we do not skimp on the means.

Candidate management

We process applications from potential buyers/tenants, checking their financing plan and providing you with a transparent report.

Buy to rent

Buying a property to rent out, especially furnished, will allow you to take advantage of a regular source of income by obtaining an attractive investment on the long term.

Why should you trust us ?

Gestea wants to support you in one of the biggest projects of your life. We are able to offer you a number of additional services that will help you to complete your purchase at ease. Whether it’s financing your purchase, renovating your home or fitting it out, we’re here to help. We will be delighted to help you.